When Ruangsangthai buys direct from prominent Chinese Solar Power Equipment manufacturers it is after meeting face to face with the suppliers when they visit Bangkok for the annual Alternative Energy Expo. A personal relationship with suppliers have served in the best interest of expat  and Thai citizen customers of Ruangsangthai for many years. Ruangsangthai stocks and sells more Solar Water Pumps | Solar Panels than any other supplier in Buriram Province Thailand. Experts with hundreds of references in Buriram Province for Solar Water Pump Installations. Speak Thai | German | English | Spanish for Solar Power in Buriram Province. Confirm PEA buy back or off the grid options prior to purchase of Solar Panels | Inverters | Water Pumps. Moses Lopez understands Thai | English | Spanish. Miss Dow understands and is fluent in Thai | German | some English.  Miss Jaew and Miss Biw will heelp you translate Thai and English at Ruangsangthai in Buriram. Located directly across Highway 2074 from the PEA office building.